Swix Quantum Q1 Kit

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The Quantum Q1 is a competition pole perfectly balanced with excelent stiffness, pendulum and weight properties.  The pole is 100% compatible with all Triac components in the SWIX collection such as the SWIX TBS and TCS.

The Quantum Q1 comes without straps so that the entire TCS strap program is available for maximum custom fitting.

High Modulus Carbon composite material.

Recommended use:
Groomed trails, competition racing, skating and classic skiing.


  • Stiffness: 26 mm
  • Strength: >70 kp
  • Shaft weight: 66 gr/m
  • Total weight 155 cm pole: 155 grams

Diameters & lengths:

  • Handle 16 mm
  • Basket 10 mm
  • 150cm & 175 cm kit (cut to size)

The Quantum Q1 is the replacement to the Swix Quantum Two

For the 2022/23 Season, Swix has changed how they measure their ski poles.  All poles are now measured to the bottom of the strap insertion point, NOT to the top of the pole.  This means that a pole that was marked as 150 cm in 2021, will now be marked as 145 cm. 

Have questions about this?  Give us a call and we can make sure you get the right length 250-612-4754.



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