Salomon RC 10 eSkin Shift-In Hard

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A training ski set with racing in its DNA. The eSKINGRIP+ insert delivers precise, secure and silent grip, while the Shift-In binding makes it easy to adjust your grip and glide while staying on your skis. Delivered in pack, just slide the Shift-In binding on the plate and go!

Ultimate performance
Built in the S/LAB Carbon Classic mold to bring you all the performance of a World Cup classic ski combined with more convenience and versatility.

The G5 World Cup base makes this ski really fast.

Customize Grip & Glide
While on your skis simply turn the shift-in button right for more grip, left for more glide or keep it in the “0” position for the best of both worlds.

Side cut: 44/44/44
Classic ski type: Classic skin

*This ski is only compatible with the
Salomon Prolink Shift-In Classic Binding

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