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Don’t let heavy glasses weigh you down - Tempo guarantees a light experience. 24 grams is all it takes to create a pair of world-class sports glasses. This model that has quickly become a favorite for those who are into running and multisports. Tempos is especially well suited for athletes who have high demands when it comes to good vision eyewear. A Hydro Lens Tech™-lens, detachable Top Bar, light weight and plenty of ways to adjust the glasses. You can easily switch the temples with the supplied strap. That way your glasses fit snugly on your head. With Tempo you can keep your own pace mile after mile with the best possible vision.

Tempo is equipped with Hydro Lens Technology™. A lens made of X-PC with high optical quality for clear and crisp vision in different weather conditions. The lens delivers complete UV protection, minimal refraction, anti-scratch and has hydrophobic qualities.

Tempo is made from Grilamid TR90. The high tech material is the key to the low weight and gives the glasses high flexibility. Grilamid TR90 is especially well suited for sports glasses as it’s comfortable to wear even at extreme temperatures.

Adjust Tempo to your needs. The glasses have a Top Bar with a sweatband, keeping your eyes dry when you’re pushing yourself to the limit. The Top Bar is detachable, giving you the best possible vision if you are leaned forward in cycling. The nose pad and temple tips are adjustable, making sure that you find a perfect fit. Also included is an extra contrast lens and a strap.



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