Salomon Prolink Shift-In Skate Binding

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This binding is only compatible with Shift-In skis

With this binding you can adjust the performance characteristics of the binding without dismounting.

Adjust the binding position to the route profile or the snow conditions without getting off your skis. To the front for more edge grip, to the back for more gliding ability - super performance in no time!

Adjust sliding properties on the ski
Change the binding position without dismounting. Turn the shift-in button to the right for more edge grip or to the left for more glide. In the zero position you get a balanced combination of properties.

Power transmission
The welded connection between ski and binding plate ensures optimal power transmission, stability and a feeling of snow with every turn.

Entry system: manual
GUIDE RAIL: Continuous guide rail
BINDING TECHNOLOGY: Slidable racing binding
System: PROLINK®

Fits all Prolink and NNN Boots

For skis with Prolink SHIFT IN plate.


Prolink Shift-In Classic Binding

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