Kastle XA10 Skate

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Forgiving beginners model | long-lasting | wider sidecut for more comfort

The forgiving XA10 has a wider sidecut for greater comfort. A lightweight wood core combined with HOLLOWTECH 2.0 keeps the weight down and create a perfectly balanced ski.

The models in the XA line have easy-care bases so they are ideal for beginners or occasional cross-country skiers who stick to prepared tracks.


Being world class requires especially one thing: world class equipment. At the start of this millennium our HOLLOWTECH technology triggered a revolution in alpine skis.

We pursue this same consistent approach in the nordic sector. Removing the unnecessary layers at
the tip of the ski makes the tip and therefore the entire ski lighter.

This creates a substantially more balanced ski and reduces the rotational force during forward propulsion. In turn, this requires less energy from the athlete and helps them get to the finish quicker.


All of our cross-country skis feature a carbon-reinforced CAP construction where the surface layer runs over the sides, effectively protecting the core.

Each Kästle nordic ski is thus impeccably designed for its designated application.

For our more robust models we use European poplar for the core, which is also encased in UL WOOD. It ensures optimum torsional and flexural rigidity at minimal weight.


Professional cross-country skiing is an extreme sport – both for athletes and for their equipment. And with a wide range of temperatures and snow conditions to contend with, there are variables that are beyond our control.  We've developed four bases to generate the best performance in the widest range of conditions.

A base material and grinding set-up that produces the best glide performance in air temperatures ranging from +10° C to -30° C.


The type of base is perfectly matched to suit different applications and conditions.

Universal racing base with the flawless glide performance in all temperatures and snow conditions.


In addition to the base material, the grinding of the base determines glide performance and must therefore be selected according to the prevailing conditions. As a general rule, the warmer it is, the coarser the structure required.

The grind is applied at a temperature just above 0 °C. Maintaining a cool environment throughout the finishing procedure, allows the small futures to be precisely ground into the high-performance base.

Universal race grinding for changeable snow conditions and wet, fine snow.


We use a specially made press to make our new cross-country skis. With over 40 adjustment points it guarantees an unprecedented level of camber tensioning and stiffness adjustment.
For cross-country skiers, aside from the length, it is the stiffness of the ski that is a deciding factor.

For this ski we offer the gradation MEDIUM.

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